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Margreet Fontijn, born in Hilversum, has been creatively gifted from an early age and developed a great interest in painting. She studied in Apeldoorn for 7 years and has a broad style.

She makes oil paintings in realism, but she also loves impressionism. She paints both humans and animals, but also still lifes or nature.

Her still lifes are painted in harmonious tones with an enormous eye for detail. Her paintings of animals, for example deer, horses, dogs, are a testament to her love for nature.

She also specializes in pastels. Her inimitable precision of flowing natural glowing colors is special. She uses hand-turned English pastels for this. It is precisely this versatility that distinguishes it.

Margreet paints realistic portraits on commission. A portrait is a document for life...

A painting by Margreet is a monument that you want to look at again and again and discover something new every time.

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