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 Exhibitions by Margreet Fontijn


  • Workshop route Laren 2017/2018/2019/2020

  • Gallery Pierre Stakenburg

  • Workshop route Laren 2021

  • Gallery Molenhof Weert

  • Soestdijk Palace NK hunting horses

  • Workshop route Eemnes 2017/2018

  • Gallery La Chamotte

  • House de Colvenier, Antwerp

  • Art and antiques salon Primavera Rotterdam

  • Art Manifestation Eemnes

  • Kastanjehof Lage-Vuursche

  • Art Gallery the Sheep Barneveld

  • colorful barneveld

  • Pentecost fair Slot Zeist

  • Own home and garden event

  • Art On Tour 2022

We will keep you informed for further current exhibitions via this website and facebook page.

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